Chalet Host Course Chatel

Ski Chalet Host Course

Do you want to work this coming winter season in a ski resort as a chalet host?

You can get an edge over the thousand’s of other candidates by showing your commitment and drive to fully understand what is entailed in day to day life in a catered ski chalet. Attending a ski chalet hosting and cooking course also widens your knowledge of useful skills and can confirm if you are suited to the role and if that role is for you. An employee wants commitment from you for a whole winter season which can be gruelling, hard work, tough logistically, long hours and intense. Then there are the demands from the clients which can be obscure and interesting. Are you still reading!

We have 16 years of experience owning and operating a catered ski chalet and have a wisdom of knowledge and skills to pass on. With the opportunity to undertake an excellent course, structured around training and educating you on everyday life in a ski resort and working in a catered chalet environment. The role of chalet host and/or chalet cook can be super rewarding teaching you life skills you will treasure forever. You will meet people who will become life long friends, you will meet potential employers or contacts that will get your next career started.

What does your Course include?

  • Transfers to/from Geneva airport
  • 5 nights stay in beautiful Chalet accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every evening including wine
  • Qualification in Food Handling and Hygiene
  • Training in Daily life of the Chalet
  • Training in Hosting
  • Preparing and Cooking Meals
    • Writing Menu plans
    • Costing Menu plans
    • Delivering and understanding the restraints of the menus
    • Understanding wines and cheese
  • Vehicle Maintenance in harsh conditions
  • Hot tub Maintenance and cleaning
  • Meeting Potential Employers at their Chalets or at least in person
  • Writing CV’s

The Cost of your Experience

For only £599pp, we will give you the best opportunity to grow and learn new skills to secure a winter season role. Not only will you learn about what requirements you need to work within a chalet, but also life long lessons you are guaranteed to use whether it be cooking or interaction with strangers. Anyone can work in a chalet, but not everyone can do what is required as well as you!

  • Minimum 4 people required for each course
  • Maximum 8 people on each course
  • 10% Discount for couples

The Cost of your Experience

  1. We operate several courses between the months of June and October each year
  2. Email us at giving us details of your availability and preferred date for doing the course
  3. Once we have confirmed with you your interest in the course and the exact dates they will commence, you can then book your flight
  4. We will send you further details outlining the course structure and planning and what to bring
  5. We will then collect you and your fellow soon to be new friends from Geneva airport and head to Chatel
  6. For any further details about our services we offer as a catered chalet company click here